Swan Lake / Sleeping Beauty spring performance

The Wright Studio 2014 spring performance

header-image-swan-lakeThis year’s production in 2 acts took place on March 31st at the beautiful Martha Cohen theatre downtown.

It showcased the variety of dance disciplines that we strongly believe are the important tools to make versatile dancers.

Strong Classical Ballet training is the focus of Wright Studio. This coupled with the sound pedagogical Modern and Jazz training makes full use of the dancer’s abilities.


Act 1

  1. Excerpts from Act 2 Swan Lake
  2. Junior Modern
  3. Senior Modern
  4. Nursery / Pre Primary Ballet
  5. Senior Jazz


Act 2 – The Sleeping Beauty

  1. The Christening
  2. Aurora’s 16th Birthday
  3. The Kingdom Sleeps
  4. 100 years later
  5. The Wedding celebration (Apotheosis)
  6. The Wedding


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