What is the Cecchetti Method of Ballet?

The Cecchetti method of ballet in Calgary


The Cecchetti method is a ballet technique and training system devised by the Italian ballet master and pedagogue Enrico Cecchetti (1850-1928).

Cecchetti established a system of passing on the ballet tradition to the future generations of dancers. The method of training firmly believes that it is more important to execute an exercise one time correctly than many times in a careless manner.

The Cecchetti method stresses the flowing and blending seamlessly of the arms between positions more than any other classical ballet technique. A student develops a sense for long body lines because the method teaches to think of movements of the feet, legs, arms and head as one in relation to the whole body.

The Cecchetti method focuses on fast foot work, clean lines and smooth transitions between positions. Another characteristic of the Cecchetti method is the encouragement of natural turn out based on normal range of motion without forcing it.

Cecchetti trained dancers have achieved places in ballet and dance companies the world over. Well trained Cecchetti dancers have a purity of line and simplicity of style which enables them to take their place on the stages of the world.


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